One of the features of Minerama is being able to participate in guided tours to various fossicking areas around the district – some not normally open to the public. As part of our involvement with Minerama this year, we allowed one of these tours on to our property to fossick on the Reddestone Creek for some of our famour blue sapphires. As you would expect, some went away empty-handed and determined to make that big find next time. However, there were a number of successful fossickers who found good sapphires that were suitable for cutting.

Successful fossicking on the Reddestone Creek
This lucky fossicker found a very nice 5.5 carat sapphire which he brought back to be faceted straight away – it cut into a very nice 1.2 carat gem. Congratulations! We also chatted with some other people who found a nice lot of gems including two sapphires 7.5 carats and 5.5 carats.

Well done everyone from Aussie Sapphire

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lonewood,
    It was great to get out on your site during the Minerama field trip. Found some small stones and talked the couple who found the 5 and 7 carat to come and dig in the right spot. Well done.

    Hope you open it up next year, I will be back and better prepared with my long handled shovel rather than long handled spade.


  2. rachel says:

    the coast has crops of that too.

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