New rough available in small parcels – bargains galore !!

Aussie Sapphire has some great faceters packs available featuring our own fantastic Reddestone blue sapphires. However, gem cutters may be interested in purchasing some of our other gemstones in this way. We have put together small parcels of mixed colour tourmaline, aquamarine and spessartite garnet – great prices and fantastic quality for faceting.


This one is LW-IR-011: 4 great cutters – spessartite, a rare and beautiful variety of garnet originating from Africa. Our last shipment of spessartite got snapped up really quickly so dont miss out on getting a look at this lot.

We expect some more tourmaline to arrive soon – blue variety which is much sought after. Check here to see when this comes in but in the meantime, feel free to browse our online shop for great bargains in rough stone, faceted gems and finished jewellery.

We have finally got around to listing our black spinel rough (great bargain price) and some of our own Reddestone Creek zircon (lovely red/orange colour and totally natural). Please check these out at the Other Gems section – previously under construction but now fully working.

Cheers from Aussie Sapphire


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