The Reddestone Creek

The surrounding land of Reddestone Creek has been one of the richest source of blue sapphire in Australia – well known for its high quality. This small creek which eventually flows into the Severn River and Pindari Dam is also home to a variety of wildlife and is the permanant water source for our farm. We aim to manage our farm and mining activities to keep the creek and the land in good condition. The creek is one of our favourite spots to play and birdwatching is sometimes rewarded with an occasional great photo.

A pair of black swans usually nest and hatch some eggs every year on the creek but this year decided to build their nest much closer to our main crossing. The female swan sat on the eggs through April and hatched them out mid May.

There are 2 surviving cygnets from about 5 eggs which seems to be the usual pattern each year. We took this photo yesterday (5th June) and they seem quite happy.

The old nest is now abandoned and the floating raft of reeds and grass is sinking into the water. While we were playing down at the crossing, we saw an unhatched egg floating along in the water which had come from the old nest.

Other birdlife often seen on and near the creek include wood ducks, rufous night heron, white faced heron, Pacific heron, sacred and straw-necked ibis, yellow-billed spoonbill, dusky moorhen, purple swamphen and plover. Redfin is the main fish caught by anglers along with yabbies. Sometimes if you are very quiet and lucky, you will see a water rat swimming in the water – although very shy, these animals have been seen at numerous spots along the creek.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


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