Mr Perry – answer to your question re: LW-FP-011

Hello Mr Perry,

We are having trouble sending mail to your server (it keeps rejecting our messages) so please contact us via an alternative email address if you need a direct reply.
In answer to your question regarding LW-FP-011, the two smaller stones should result in very good lighter medium colour; with the larger stone it will depend on cutting – I would suggest cutting on a slight cross table as both crosses are blue (the cross is slightly lighter) – the result should produce a rich medium blue of very good quality.

Cheers for now,
Aussie Sapphire


One Response to Mr Perry – answer to your question re: LW-FP-011

  1. Sorry that we were not able to reply to your email messages regarding this item – just couldnt get past the authenticate barrier. Unfortunately this one has been sold to another buyer.

    cheers from Aussie Sapphire.–>

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