New listings of sapphire rough online now!

We all had a great week off at the beach and since returning last Monday, we have been flat out catching up on recent mine production and picking out some nice pieces of rough to list online.
Sapphire mining is progressing well, with a new area proving up well with some excellent quality. Much exploration ends in disappointment so when you win, it's pleasing. We have just listed a range of new sapphire rough on the Ebay store – just follow the link to view these new items. There is a range of nice Reddestone blues as well as some good quality parti sapphire from nearby Kings Plains. They are going fast – some lasted just an hour before being snapped up by keen buyers so make sure you check out these great bargains before they disappear.

One particular item is of interest for its sheer size. This 44 carat crystal is a one-of-a-kind piece as it is very unusual to find sapphires this large and clean on the Reddestone Creek (you may click on this photo to see a larger version or follow the link to see the detailed listing). These ones dont come along very often so make sure you check it out – the price tag reflects the absolute rarity of a gem like this one which would be a real steal for a keen collector.

As a reminder, much of our stock never makes it to the listing stage as we have standing orders for certain types so if you have a particular requirement in rough or cut form, just let us know and we can pick some out before it goes to our various outlets. We have made some good sales into some new markets for us such as Japan and Germany which is great!

Since the opening of our retail outlet – Schmidts Jewellers in Glen Innes – we have increased production of our fine jewellery in both handmade gold and sterling silver so if you have a need for a special piece at reasonable prices with a guarantee that you are getting the "real thing", please feel welcome to discuss your requirements. There are just a few pieces listed online at the moment as we try to keep up with the demand for rough but we have a large range of some designs manufactured exclusively for us in stock right now (200 different designs and counting).

The photo at left shows two black spinel (with and without rainbow moonstone) cabbed bracelets set in sterling silver. These are available at Schmidts Jewellers – we have not yet listed these online but if you are interested in this limited edition design, just drop us a line and we will work something out. Please see our article on black spinel if you would like to learn more about this excellent black gemstone.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

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