Jewellery Catalogue now online

Aussie Sapphire is proud to present the catalogue of our total range of jewellery featuring sapphire, black spinel and zircon from our own mine. This has been a massive effort involving photographing the whole range and creating the catalogue – just finished the job yesterday. While there will be ongoing improvements, we have uploaded it now so you can start browsing straight away. The catalogue is presented as a website (linked to our main website) or as a auto-running CD so anyone with a web browser will be able to browse through our range.

Photo shows 2.55 carat oval blue sapphire ring in 9k yellow gold.

Prices presented in the catalogue are our normal low retail pricing including GST. As a special offer to our internet customers, an additional 10% discount will be applied to any order placed from the online catalogue. Trade customers are invited to apply for access to our wholesale pricing – just contact us with details of your business (ABN, enterprise type, etc) and we can discuss this with you (contact details are on the catalogue "Contact Us" page).

Due to the large number of items and constantly changing stock levels, we have not set this up with secure online purchasing. To order, simply email or fax us with the item numbers you are interested in and we will return your message promptly. In order to keep our prices down, we do all the work ourselves – photography, web/catalogue design, administration, etc. We have not yet fully integrated the new catalogue into our main website yet but will be doing that as soon as possible. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvements.

As this has been a huge job, we did not have any time to list new sapphire rough last weekend but this will be our priority for the coming week so keep an eye out for any new bargains.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


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