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One of the advantages of the internet is the vast amount of information on offer for a variety of topics – a useful way of sifting through this information is finding an authoritative and active forum on your topic of interest. In the course of our travels on the information superhighway, we have found a small number of forums that we return to again and again. We recommend that if you have an interest in gems and/or jewellery that you take a look at these: – this is a brand new forum but one with heaps of activity and lots of very knowledgeable contributors. We certainly dont claim to be experts ourselves but we enjoy posting on this one (as Aussie Sapphire) and are learning a lot about all sorts of gemology matters. Highly recommended.

Australian Gemstones Bulletin Board – this forum has a lower level of activity but it is hard to find a forum that caters to Australian gem-lovers. We post here under the name lonewoodminer so why dont you take a look and join in. There are some keen fossickers here who can give you lots of great advice on where to go and what to look for.

Jewelry and Gemstones on – this forum also does not have a high level of activity but there are some regular posters here who have a wealth of knowledge about jewellery. We only rarely post here (as Aussie Sapphire) but we look in from time to time to keep up with things.

Coloured Stone forum on Pricescope – this forum has a strict no commercial posting policy (rigorously enforced) so, as a dealer in gemstones, we are not able to post on this one. However, for the consumer, it is one of the best forums around for ideas and advice on jewellery using coloured stones (and diamonds). Very active with a number of regular posters who are passionate about gems. If you are considering any purchase or jewellery design job, I recommend that you take a look in here.

Hope this is of interest to you – if you would like to make you own recommendations, please feel free to add your own comments and suggestions.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


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  1. […] Quite some time ago, we posted a short article about some useful online forums that may be of interest to people interested in gems and jewellery.  Recently, the well-known author and gemmologist, Richard Wise, posted an article on his blog with a different take on this issue: […]

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