New rough available

Just a quick post to let our customers know we have listed a number of new items for sale. Some excellent quality sapphire rough as well as cut white zircon from our own mine plus some good aquamarine and mixed colour tourmalines from Nigeria is also available.

This rough sapphire is an excellent clean piece of rough weighing 13.36 carats – the obvious cut for this one is trillion (trilliant) – or perhaps round if you dont mind losing a bit more weight. The surface is waterworn but when cut should reveal a truly wonderful gemstone of good size and rich colour.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


One Response to New rough available

  1. You’ve got to be quick off the mark to beat some of our regular customers – this one was picked up in no time. We start mining again tomorrow so more new rough coming your way soon. In the meantime, check out our range of cut gems with some exciting new additions put on today.
    Cheers from Aussie Sapphire.

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