Natural shape pendants

A couple of enquiries recently led us to think of the use of natural shape gemstones as pendants. This is one really great way of creating an absolutely unique design so here are some ideas using sapphire.

Both enquiries were looking for relatively flat attractive pieces of sapphire which could be worn as a pendant without faceting the stone. Unfortunately, we did not have anything suitable at the time but it did pique our interest. Since then, we have found a stone which we think would work really well for this purpose:

Ebay #123 from Aussie Sapphire

This stone is extremely flat on one side – almost as if it had been sawn although it is natural straight out of the ground. It is blue on both axes and is an attractive rich blue colour, typical of our Reddestone blue sapphire. Although quite thin for faceting, it could be cut in half and faceted as a matched pair of gemstones. However, as a free-form pendant, I think it would really shine. See our store if you would like more information on this item.

Natural dog tooth sapphire crystal set in 9k yellow gold pendantNatural dog tooth sapphire crystal set in 9k yellow gold pendant by Aussie SapphireThe other type of saphire which is particularly suited to this type of unusual pendant is our dog tooth sapphire crystals – so called because they are shaped a bit like a sharp tooth. Recently we selected a few good example of these crystals and used them as pendants with just a simple polish of their natural shape.

For some other design ideas see these examples from other sites we have found:

This one is a pale blue crystal from Wild Fish Gems in Sri Lanka – see here for more information: Sapphire crystal pendant
Quite large and appears to be transparent but has a noticeable ridged surface and is quite pale in colour (typical of many sapphires in Sri Lanka).

This one is a corundum crystal and so is not transparent. Green in colour with silver surround from 1st Place Jewelry. See here for more information: Green corundum crystal pendant
Interesting and unusual but not gem quality sapphire.

This interesting piece is a slab of moldavite set in sterling silver from Mineral Miners. See here for more information: Moldavite jewellery
Moldavite is the green gem form of tektite – an interesting stone formed by the impact of meteorites on earth. You can see the natural surface markings on this piece which is unpolished and simply surrounded by silver.

This work of art is a custom made pendant by Bernadine Fine Art Jewelry featuring natural amethyst crystals on a pendant slide. This site has some truly wonderful creations, fantastic information on a huge range of gemstones and is well worth a visit.
See here for more information on this Amethyst crystal pendant
Definitely something out of the ordinary.

That’s all for now from Aussie Sapphire
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  1. Africanuck says:

    Another interesting way to use flat stones would be in Byzantine style jewelry, much like the Chanel costume jewelry back when Coco was still alive. She used a mixture of glass, stones, pearls and so on. I tried to find a picture of a good example for you, but none match those that are in the book I have of her jewelry, because I couldn’t find one with flat stones on the net.

    If you are in a bookstore and come across this one flip through it, and you will see what I mean.

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