Telephone Troubles

We have been experiencing problems with our phone line since last Saturday. This has meant that we could not log in to the internet and retrieve emails – while we have tried to keep up with most emails by alternative means, there is the possibility that some may have been overlooked. The phone seems to be working normally again now and we have tried to catch up on all pending emails, invoices, etc. If you have an enquiry which has not been answered, please check with us to make sure your email reached our system.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to be answering all enquiries as normal from now.

Thank you from Aussie Sapphire


One Response to Telephone Troubles

  1. Further to our telephone situation – we have had recurring problems from late Sunday. These were fixed on Tuesday but was a couple of very frustrating days without communications. One of the disadvantages of living in regional Australia. If we have missed any emails, please get back to us.
    cheers for now.

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