Still Tweaking

Hello everyone.  Regular visitors to our website will see that we are still tweaking the new websites.  However, these are just minor adjustments to improve navigation and usability so feel free to browse, read and even go shopping !!

You are very welcome to register an account with us right now – this is free and allows you to save shopping cart contents, addresses, etc.  When registering, you may choose to receive emails from us or not.  If you prefer not to receive our very occasional emails, remember that we make all relevant announcements here on the blog so you can still keep up to date with the latest developments very easily.  A few of our regulars have already signed up – cheers to RK in the USA who was the very first cab off the rank. 

If you are in the trade you may qualify for wholesale discounts on cut gems and jewellery so just contact us after registering with your trade credentials and we will assign the relevant status to your account.  For our facet rough buyers, please note that these prices are already at trade level as we consider small volume custom cutters to be just as important to our business as the larger trade buyers.

Obviously there is still lots of work to do loading up lots of new products – we plan to attack this job over the next few weeks.  For those still looking for a bargain in sapphire rough, there are 2 stones up for auction right now on Ebay.  Still at bargain prices so take a look at these two beauties: #350 and #351.

We have some fantastic smaller sapphire back from the cutters right now in a range of shapes, sizes and colours so if you are looking for something special, just send us an email and we will see if we can help you out.

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah (Aussie Sapphire)


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