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Have decided that since we are continually working on our website to improve and expand it, it would be easier for our visitors to keep track of these changes with a “What’s New” page.

We have lots of plans for adding to the website and wil be running the occasional special so this is definitely worth a regular look.  Of course, we encourage you to have a good read through all the information on our website but for those in a hurry, just bookmark this blog and our “What’s New” page and you wont miss anything.

This page is accessible from a link on our Shop Home Page or you can go directly to it from here:  “WHAT’S NEW ON OUR WEBSITE”

Currently we are offering a 20% discount on cut sapphire and running a free shipping promotion for any order over the value of $250 AU.  Cant go wrong with these special offers so get in now!



We also have two Ebay auctions running at the moment – they have a few days left but are still at bargain basement prices.  Our last two auctions went for below market value so here is your chance to get some great Reddestone Sapphire rough at a fantastic price.  Dont leave it to the last minute or you might miss your chance.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


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