Inventory Changes

Just letting our customers know that we are rearranging some of our inventory.  As mentioned in a previous post, Ebay will be dramatically increasing fees for Store Owners during August.  Due to this, we will not be able to maintain our current level of inventory on the Ebay Store.  Therefore, we have started shifting some of these items over to the main website.  Regular visitors will notice some changes in pricing – some reduced and some left on Ebay will be increased.  If you have had some of our Ebay items on your watchlist, we recommend that you act quickly and contact us about the particular item of interest.  We invite you to check out the online shop – can click on new items for a quick look at the latest additions to our catalogues.

Has been quite wet here over the last couple of weeks so mining has been difficult and production down.  On the upside, this means that Andrew will have some time to grade up some parcels of rough that have been waiting for his attention.  So stay tuned for some new additions soon.

Speaking of Andrew – he has had an interesting weekend at Lightning Ridge.  Will be back tomorrow with some photos and stories so will try and do a post about that through the week.  I know he is coming back with some opal after bartering a bit of sapphire rough with an old opal miner so looking foward to seeing this.  Not sure how we will go photographing opal but we will do our best to show you these wonderful gems from outback Australia.

Next Gem of the Month article will be on Sardonyx – alternative birthstone for August.  This article is almost finished so stay tuned.

cheers for now from Leah (the other half of Aussie Sapphire)

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