Aussie Sapphire selling to the world

One of the really great things about selling on the internet is the chance to interact with people from all over the world.  We really enjoy this aspect of the business.  While most of our overseas customers come from the USA, we have made sales into many other countries.  However, the fact that our website is written in English may mean that some people may not easily discover us.

For those people, here are a few tools to help.  Please keep in mind that these are machine translations but hopefully this will help if English is not your native language.  Unfortunately, we only speak English so please use this in your emails. 

Regardez l’emplacement australien de saphir en français – vente en ligne de magasin rugueuse et coupez le saphir du notre propres mien, or et bijoux argentés et beaucoup plus de produits pour le fervent de pierre gemme.

Sehen Sie den australischen Saphiraufstellungsort auf Deutsch – das on-line-Geschäft Verkaufen rauh an und schneiden Sie Saphir von unserer eigenen Grube, Gold und silbernen Schmucksachen und viel mehr Produkte für den Edelsteinenthusiasten.

Opinión el sitio australiano del zafiro en español – venta en línea de la tienda áspera y corte el zafiro de nuestra propia mina, oro y joyería de plata y muchos más productos para el entusiasta de la piedra preciosa.

Osservi il luogo australiano dello zaffiro in italiano – vendere in linea del negozio di massima e tagli lo zaffiro dalla nostri propri miniera, oro e monili d’argento e molti altri prodotti per l’entusiasta del gemstone.

Please note that while Australian dollars is the default currency displayed on our website, you may select from US dollars, Canadian dollars and Euros in the Currency Box in the top right hand corner.  If you would like us to add other currencies, please let us know.  Prices in currencies other than AUD are estimates only and your credit card will be charged in AU dollars but we hope this helps when browsing our catalogues.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


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