New Sapphire Rough Available

Have been pretty busy lately working a new patch of the mine and have been producing some very nice rough.  Have managed to find a little time to list just a small selection of this including a couple of very special pieces that we have had put away for a while now.

We can now safely say we have something to suit everyone with affordable pieces costing less than $100 per piece up to some very large pieces which suit the investor or collector.  The largest piece of sapphire rough we have listed currently is a whopping 47.5 carat blue which is impressive in every way – we dont mind window shoppers so make sure you take a look at this rare beauty.

We have also just received back our latest batch of cutting – some excellent cut sapphires here in a range of sizes, shapes and colours including some very nice parti-coloured sapphire (greens, bicolor and yellow).  We were able to cut about a third of this batch fully natural – ie. untreated in any way so if you are looking for unheated sapphire, we hope to have something suitable for you.

new_rounds.JPGJust a quick photo here to whet your appetite (click to see full size): this is just a batch of mixed size rounds tipped out on our grading table.  About 660 carats here and plenty of sorting into sizes and grading for colour to be done but at a rough glance, we can see some great partis and yellows with the majority of the parcel being our typical Reddestone blues. 

 cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

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