Fossicking & Rockhounding

Aussie Sapphire is an online shop specialising in gems from our own mine on the Reddestone Creek near Glen Innes in NSW Australia.  Many of our customers are also keen fossickers and rockhounders.  It seems that many people interested in gemstones also love the chance to get out there and go digging for themselves. 

foss11.JPGThis activity goes under a variety of names – fossicking in Australia, rockhounding, gem mining and prospecting in many other countries.  Whatever you call it, fossicking is great fun for anyone who loves the great outdoors and the opportunity to find your own treasure.

 As a free service to our customers and website visitors, we also provide information on fossicking and rockhounding in our local area.  See below for links to specific areas of this section on our website:

Please note that the site list is still under development with new sites and information being added all the time.  Comments are always welcome if you can help with this section.

And remember the fossicking motto – “the more you dig, the luckier you get”.

Thank you for your interest from Aussie Sapphire


3 Responses to Fossicking & Rockhounding

  1. eric saunders says:

    I would like to know where I would be able to sell my sapphires. I have good quality raw stones for sale. Please email me the location of a qualified buyer.
    Thanks, Ereic saunders

  2. The price for rough sapphire varies greatly depending on quality. There are a few people around who buy good rough but most will pay very little for lower grade material. Have you thought of taking your gems to your nearest gem show – this is a good opportunity to show your rough to a few dealers at the same time and choose from the best offer. Email us if you have more specific questions.

    cheers from Aussie Sapphire

  3. Tani says:

    Hi! I’m very keen on fossicking for sapphires, but am new to the scene… I’ve been having some trouble finding out where to buy fossicking equipment (I’d like to get some for my husband for x-mas). we live in Coffs. Do you have any recommendations?

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